Sponsor Us

We try to give our children access to as much as possible to enrich their learning experience, but budgets are limited and can sometimes restrict what we are able to provide for them.  We are looking for local businesses to help us with services they may be able to provide, or donations for specific events or equipment, to build the opportunities for the children.

If you are able to help you will receive promotion in the School newsletter and have a place on our website below to publicise your business and link to your website/social media, as well as a huge thank you and appreciation from the staff and children.

Please get in touch with us via the contact form here, or by calling us on 01964 542498.

Thank you.

Carabuild Park & Leisure Homes

Carabuild Park & Leisure Homes is proud to support Tickton Primary School which provides outstanding care for the young children within our community with a strong emphasis on offering an inclusive education and allowing our children to be their unique selves.


Weborchard are proud to sponsor Tickton Primary School and have designed and built their new website as a way to give back something to this amazing school. With budgets and staff time always stretched, we have been able to produce a website that provides all of the information required for parents and external bodies in an intuitive and interesting way, whilst reducing staff administration time. We continue to manage and maintain the website going forward and hope that other local businesses can help support the school and give back to the community by offering their services too.

For more information on Weborchard and the services they provide, please visit their website at www.weborchard.co.uk